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Registering your android with a computer


    Make sure your phone and computer use the same local network.

    -  Use same Wi-Fi

    -  or Use the hotspot feature on your phone.


In the app, Check the IP address and port number on the [Waiting Screen]

In the app, press [Settings Icon] to check the IP address and port number of your phone.


Enter the [Printers & Scanners] and proceed in the following order:

    - Tap [The printer that I want isn't listed]

    - Check [Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname]

    - Enter your IP address.

    - Press [Next]

    - Select a driver that supports PostScript 3.

    - We used a [Samsung Universal Print Driver 3 PS] here.


- Enter the name of the printer and finish it.


If you are using a port other than the default(9100), proceed with the following additional tasks.

    -  [Printer properties]  

    -  [Ports - Configure Port]

    -  Change the [Port Number].


1. Turn on the application and enter the standby page.

2. The screen changes when printing request accepted.

3. When the printing is finished, the screen changes as follows.

    - The output file is stored in an [external/AeroPrinter] directory.

Convert output file to pdf, jpg

  • Windows  

Use the web app or the AeroPS.

  • Linux

Use the os-builtin command.  (ps2pdf,  convert)

AeroPS, ps2pdf, and convert utility all use the GhostScript library!

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